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  • avErotica movie - Petals - Liona
    Liona poses sensually among the petals. Her petals are perfect meanwhile.


    Length: 12 min 47 sec
    Released: October 29, 2014
    Model: Liona
    CTOBER 2014
    • avErotica movie - Apple tree - Macy

      Apple tree

      Macy gets naked in the garden. She is a delicious fruit for sure!

      Length: 10 min 8 sec
      Released: October 22, 2014
      Model: Macy
    • avErotica movie - Exercises - Virginia


      Virginia does her exercises. Let's learn how to be fit and healthy from her.

      Length: 11 min 57 sec
      Released: October 15, 2014
      Model: Virginia
    • avErotica movie - Orange dress - Emily

      Orange dress

      Emily takes off her orange dress and teases you.

      Length: 11 min 13 sec
      Released: October 8, 2014
      Model: Emily
    • avErotica movie - Bed in woods - Kesy

      Bed in woods

      Kesy poses on a bed placed in woods. Sun shines through the tree branches and cherishes her slim body.

      Length: 11 min 44 sec
      Released: October 1, 2014
      Model: Kesy