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  • avErotica movie - Swing - Cecelia
    Cecelia swings above the sea. Beautiful view of the nature and Cecelia... Enjoy.


    Length: 5 min 37 sec
    Released: July 29, 2015
    Model: Cecelia
    ULY 2015
    • avErotica movie - Black net - Larisa

      Black net

      Larisa shows us how her black net suit gets off her body. You should write the instruction.

      Length: 5 min 48 sec
      Released: July 22, 2015
      Model: Larisa
    • avErotica movie - Red ball - Gerda

      Red ball

      Gerda jumps on the red rubber ball naked.

      Length: 5 min 56 sec
      Released: July 15, 2015
      Model: Gerda
    • avErotica movie - Oiling - Cecelia


      Pleasant water splashes and warm wind... Cecelia oils her body near the sea. Live sound.

      Length: 6 min 38 sec
      Released: July 8, 2015
      Model: Cecelia
    • avErotica movie - Workout - Sabrina


      Sabrina does her workout. It's a little bit warm, she's getting wet and it's time to take off the clothes...

      Length: 8 min 48 sec
      Released: July 1, 2015
      Model: Sabrina