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June 7, 2008

Saint-Petersburg, spring of 2008

In April 2008 I visited Saint-Petersburg (SPb). My plan was to shoot some models that I knew - Nata and Lena - and some new ones I found recently - Cleo, Fiona and Liza. I booked a couple of hotel rooms for the shoots and left for SPB.

My first stop was the hotel "Rossija". I had reserved a semi-lux number. I found the price of it too high for such a room. It is about $200 and you can see the interior for yourself.

The first model I shot there was Fiona. She is a friend of Cleo who introduced her to me. Fiona has dark long curly hair, pale skin and very soft, pleasant forms. She loves posing and she loves her body. We got along at once. But Fiona is a little flighty girl. She forgot her documents and she had to go back for them.

Then, after a quick lunch I met Cleo. She is a true actor: very expressive and inventive. She didn't wait for me to say how to pose - she took poses herself. And she did that very well. During the posing she suddenly said: "Do you want me to show you zjaka?" I asked her what "zjaka" meant. She replied that it is a type of pose. I smiled, said OK, and she showed me the "zjaka" pose ;) Turns out Cleo had just given a funny name to one of her poses. I am almost in love with Cleo - her long soft blond hair, round womanly forms, and her energy. I suggested to her to come to the shooting once more and she agreed with a pleasure.

The next day, I invited Liza for the shooting. Liza has striptease dancer experience and she is a go-go dancer at the moment, she dances as a couple with her friend. Liza appeared a little bit tired but during the shoot she was getting hotter and hotter. It was obvious that she likes showing her body and teasing. I did not hold her impulse and let her show all her passion and sensuality.

Then I had a day of rest and visited a fashion week that took place in Saint-Petersburg "Defile on Neva" by my friend's invitation. Here are some pictures from the last show.

After a short rest I left for another hotel "Vyborgskaya". The room was much better than in "Rossija" and for the same price. The first day in "Viborgskaya", I shot Lena and Barbie who was sent to me by her agent (I should note that I never worked with agents before) .

Lena has gained more modeling experience during the last years since we met and her posing skills improved. All I had to do was just to let her emotions free.

Despite being presented to me by an agent, Barbie had a very short experience in nude posing. She posed for only one photographer before and she was constantly surprising of deference between his and my style of work. Barbie brought a lot of clothes for the shoot and had a big problem what to choose. After the choice was done, I started shooting and discovered that Barbie is very cute. She is so spontaneous and shy that I immediately decided that she could be a perfect model for a kid's doll... Like a cute Barbie doll. You will get a chance to judge for yourself.

After a long shooting day I went to bed exhausted but satisfied.

The last day of my SPb trip, I shot Nata and gorgeous Cleo.

You must have read the story of my acquaintance with Nata and already know what kind of model she is. If not, I should repeat that she is almost perfect. But unfortunately she lost her spirit of posing a little during the last two years of her modeling career. But despite of this she posed very good as always and I was glad to meet her since she almost became my friend.

Then Cleo appeared. She had a cap and breeches on so I compared her to a jockey. Her posing was expressive and inventive like before and I had a truly pleasant time shooting Cleo, in spite of my fatigue that came from four days of continuous shooting.

The next day, I said goodbye to SPb and left for home with every intention to go back again soon.

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April 2, 2008

Kiev 2008

At the end of February I got on the train and traveled to the capital of Ukraine - Kiev. I was planning to stay there for 6 days and I had contacts to 14 models. From my experience I knew that if I shot half of them it would be great. You know girls are such unpredictable creatures that you will never know what is on their mind. I had never been to Kiev before and my aim was to shoot as many different models to later get back there again and shoot the best ones.

So my journey started not too good: I got ill on the train and the agent who I was going to rent an apartment from tried to cheat me, so I needed to find some medicine to get well and an apartment to live and shoot in. Fortunately I found a good 3 room apartment in the most center of Kiev - Kreschatik street.

I contacted all my models and made arrangements for shoots.

The first one was Lolli. She is an extremely pretty young girl slim girl with doll-like, natural blond hair. As soon as I met her I was charmed. She posed perfectly and I decided to shoot her one more time before I left.

The second girl was Zoe, Lolli's friend. She was the opposite to Lolli but she had charm no less than Lolli had. Zoe has a round forms, dark hair and very naughty eyes. Her posing was very good too. But my stay in Kiev was limited so I decided to shoot her the next time I came to Kiev.

Then Milla appeared. Milla has milk-white skin that is in big contrast to her black hair. After almost perfect Lolli and Zoe, Milla looked a little less interesting.

The last model I shot in that apartment on Kreschatik was Lina. In spite of her previous experience Lina looked more shy than the girls I shot before her.

After shooting Lina and some unsuccessful negotiations with other models, I left the apartment on Kreschatik for a hotel room where I was going to stay until my departure.

The model I shot in the hotel room was Lesia. She is an experienced model and very passionate person. In spite of my bad mood I felt the devilish fire in her eyes that excited me.

On the next day I decided to rent another apartment, to change the backgrounds of my shoots.

The apartment I rented was huge but rather poorly furnished so I should apply all my imagination to make interesting series with three models.

The first one was Lolli. She posed perfectly again, so all I needed was just to push the button of my camera.

Then Natasha came. Natasha is a very experienced erotic model so I had a real pleasure to shoot her. She is shy and hot at the same time. She is also very creative. So some of her poses were really interesting.

The last day of my trip I shot Nelly. She has a graceful slim body and a very open look. She is also very cute and funny so I could not resist smiling all the time during the shoot.

So my plan came true: I shot seven of my planned fourteen models - half - and I left for home in a very good mood with every intention to get back to Kiev again.

I will be publishing the various series and videos from my Kiev adventure in the near future, so get in and stay connected to see them all!

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February 5, 2008

Crimea 2007. September

In September of 2007, I returned to Alushta, Crimea to shoot models whom I met in summer - Tati and Olja and try my luck at searching for new ones. The weather was not so warm like in June but pretty good for shooting.

I found a quiet place near Alushta and first brought there Olja then Tati.When I arrived for the shoot with Olja, the rain had started and we hid from it under a roof. Anyway I made some shots with her under the rain. Fortunately the rain passed quickly and we made the rest of the shoot. At that time there were a lot of people despite the bad weather so we had to make our shoot with people watching us. Olja was a little shy about it, but she behaved like a true professional and posed very well.

When I was shooting Tati, the sun was shining but the wind was very strong and cold. People were disturbing us from time to time, and Tati was very natural in her emotions when she saw people watching, during her posing.

I met another girl during my autumn trip to Crimea - Krissy. My friend, a fellow photographer, introduced her to me. Despite her age (she is only 20), Krissy already has a child. She posed enthusiastically in spite of the rather cold weather.

I did not succeed in finding any new models because the typical vacation season was over, and I hardly ever saw any pretty girls on the streets of Alushta.

I was glad to leave Alushta that time, but I will go back there, many more times, in the future.

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January 15, 2008

Crimea 2007. Sevastopol

Sevastopol remains mostly russian, despite it is located on the territory of the Ukraine, because many russian soldiers live and serve there with their families.

I spent a lot of time walking up and down the streets of Sevastopol but did not succeed in finding any models there. Fortunately I made arrangements for a shoot with a pretty girl whom I met during my stay in Simferopol. Actually, I met her friend who gave me Riana's contact information.

I met Riana in a bus station and fell in love with her immediately. She was dressed in short top and worn jeans, her hair was disheveled, her eyes sparkled, and her lips were shiny with lipstick. I took her to a place I had discovered few days before. It was an end of common beach near Sevastopol. When I was there I did not meet any people but when I came there with Riana some people were sunbathing and swimming. They were really interested in the shoot but were afraid to come too close. Riana did not pay them any attention and posed like we were completely alone.

After some posing under the midday sun, we got tired and went to the shadow of nearby trees. There, we finished our shoot. Riana was in a hurry to get to her friend's birthday party, so she set out very quickly and left me alone with an embarrassed feeling.

I should say that I was going to shoot Riana the next time I visited Crimea but her phone was off and I never saw her again.

To be honest, I felt tired after my travel to the Ukraine and was really glad to get back home. But I also had a strong intention to get back there again and to shoot more beautiful girls and Crimea's amazing landscapes

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December 13, 2007

Crimea 2007. Yalta

Yalta is famous for Soviet Union film festival that took place there for many years untill USSR break apart.

My plan was to stay in Yalta for 2 days with only one aim - photographing Olja. So I contacted her as soon as I arrived in Yalta and we made arrangements for our shoot. Olja was at her work when I came to visit her. She was very surprised seeing me there. Olja has round shaped body and very well shaped breasts. She asked me which style haircut should she do on her pubis for the shoot and added that, at that moment, she has all natural down there. I answered her that she should leave it as it is.

On the next day we moved to Simeiz - a small town 20 km from Yalta. It is famous for it's nude beach. People from many countries go there for their vacation. The beach is located on huge rocks so it is very hard to get there. Once we arrived, Olja amd I both got naked, went for a quick swim, and started shooting. People around were very interested in the process of shooting. One of them came to us during our break. He told us that he came from Novosibirsk city, in Siberia, more than 2000 km away. When we finished our shoot, we relaxed and had a few beers, after climbing the rocks.

When I arrived back to my apartment in Yalta, one very unpleasant surprise was waiting for me - the water, both cold and hot, was cut off for the night, so I could only take a shower in the morning.

The next day, I left for Sevastopol - the city where the Black Sea Russian Naval base is located.

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